To use Zoom Meetings on Teachmore, you first need to connect your Zoom account to your Teachmore account. Follow below steps to complete your setup.

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Enable Zoom Integration

Click in the Settings option from the sidebar.

Then click on Integrations option.

Then select Zoom from the list of integrations

Then click on the "Connect Teachmore to your zoom account" button

You will be taken to Zoom's Sign in page. Sign in to the Zoom account you want to connect to your Teachmore account

Zoom will show you the details of how your Zoom account will be used by Teachmore. Click on the Authorize button once you have checked the details.

You will now be taken back to Teachmore dashboard. It should now show your Zoom account as Connected. Your Zoom account is now successfully connected to your Teachmore account. You can now enable Zoom integration by clicking on the Enable button.

Status of the Zoom integration should now show as "ON"

You can now add Zoom Meeting to your courses.

Add Zoom Meeting to your course

Select the "Live video" option from "Add new item" menu option.

Select the Zoom Meeting option from the list of Platform

You can choose "Create new meeting" if you want to create a new meeting for the Zoom account you connected to Teachmore, or you can choose "Select an existing meeting" if you have already created a meeting on Zoom.

Let's proceed with the "Select an existing meeting". Dropdown menu shows existing meetings from your Zoom account. Choose a meeting and you are all set to publish this course item.

Click on the Continue button after you select the Zoom meeting.

Selected Zoom meeting will be shown as shown below. You are all set to publish this course item.

Users will be able to join the Zoom meeting from the course by clicking on Join button.

Users can join the meeting from within your website.

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