Redirect your users without URLs that look long and boring

With custom redirects, you can decide what the link looks like

Let’s create a custom redirect

First go to Website → Custom redirects on your dashboard

Create a new custom redirect by adding a path name and the URL

For example, you have created a google form through which your users can register for an event

Now under Custom redirects, create the following:

A path name - This can be any custom name, here it is workshop 2021

Redirect URL - The URL to which users should be redirected, in this case, the google form link

Now you can share the path with your users and they will see the custom name set by you, instead of the long URL which it leads to

Please note: While creating custom redirects, please keep in mind that conflicting entries do not work.

This means that if a path already exists, then it won’t work in custom redirects.

For example, here we have a path

Now if we create the same in custom redirects with a different URL, it will be invalid.

That means will still lead the users to the older existing page:

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