On Teachmore, it's super easy to stay updated about your orders and their status.

You can check the total number of Orders and related information under
Sales → Orders on your dashboard anytime

The information related to an order includes:

• Order number and the date and time when the order was placed

• The payment gateway through which a user tried to make the purchase (For example, Razorpay)

• User details (Name, email and number)

• Product type and name (whether it is a course or collection and its name)

• Amount and status of the order

Click the show button next to an order to view its details

On this screen you also have the option to archive the order

Order status of a course

The order status of a course shows details such as status of the order, order type, discount that the user got (if any)

Order status of a collection

Order status of a collection shows order status, user details, order summary, payment details as well as the courses in the collection.

For example here the user has bought the collection Maths 101 so we see the courses Integral and Number Systems under Products, as these are the courses in the Maths 101 collection.

You can filter orders based on different criteria. Let's see each of these filters.

Order Number

Every order has a unique order number. You can use that number to filter an order

User's Name/Email/Mobile Number
Filter orders using a user's name, email or mobile number


All - By default the status filter is set to all and we see all orders displayed

Successful - Successful orders are the ones for which a user has successfully completed payment

These also include quick checkout orders.

Failed - Orders for which the user could not complete payment successfully

Successful & Failed - Setting this filter displays the combination of successful as well as failed orders

Incomplete - Orders that did not get through. For example if the user initiated payment but closed the payment window, the order will be incomplete

Enter a date to see orders that were placed on that date


Select a course from the list to see orders placed for that course


Select a collection from the list to see orders placed for that collection

Filter out a list of paid or free orders

Payment Gateway

View the orders placed through a particular payment gateway only, for example, Paytm


View orders placed through a specific platform (Android, Web or iOS)

Filter orders based on whether they are archived/unarchived

Order Type

Filter orders based on how they were placed. For example, through a payment gateway or through coupon code

Order Created Period
Filter orders placed today based on the available time periods

Let's try a filter. Here we have selected 'successful' orders with 3 February 2021 as the date

Exporting Orders

You can also use the export feature to download details for orders.

Click the export option on the top right corner and an excel sheet will be generated.

The details for orders contain Order Code, User ID, User Name, User Email, User Mobile, Product Type (Course or Collection), Product Name (Name of Course or Collection), Status (Successful, Incomplete or Failed) Order Total, Discount, Coupon Code (Name of code used), Order Total, Currency Code, Discount, Order Type (Apple Payment, Coupon Code, Free Course Enrollment, Free Collection Enrollment, Payment Gateway, Manual Course Enrollment), Quick Checkout (Yes/No), Platform (Android/iOS/Web)

Payment Gateway (Paytm, 2Checkout, Razorpay), Order Date, Order Time, Archived? (Yes/No), Archived Date, Archived Time, Archiver, Archive Reason

Exporting Filtered Orders

Let’s say you want to export specific types of orders. For that, first filter the order based on your requirement and then export.

As an example, let’s filter out orders where a coupon code was used and the order was successful too.

Once that is done, the excel sheet generated will have information for orders with that combination only (coupon code used, and order successful)

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