In this article we explore what you can do with multiple pricing options and a few things to keep in mind while creating them

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Create or set price for courses and collections

Now the price for courses and collections is set from the ‘Pricing’ tab as seen in the below screenshot

Steps to create price for courses and collections

If you haven’t created any pricing option then you will see option for Add a new price

If you have already created pricing option(s) then click Create new price button

Select country for which you want to set price

Set price for Android/Web and iOS. You can also add discounted price (optional)

Select Create price for all countries option if you want to create prices for all countries (with currency conversion).
For example, If you are selling in India, USA & Canada, and you select Create price for all countries then the price for India and Canada will be created automatically by converting USD price to INR and CAD. You can change these converted prices

Set course start date if you want to give access to content from a specific date.

Set validity

Name the pricing option (optional) - You can name a particular pricing option. This could be something that indicates the validity and/or price, or it could be anything you want to call it!

Once you add the details, click Add new price

Once you add the price, it will be listed under Pricing and you can check details and prices for all countries by clicking the show button

You can create as many pricing options as you want for a single course or collection

For example, if you want provide options for different validity with different price as follows



2 months

₹ 2,000

6 months

₹ 5,000


₹ 10,000

Then you can create 3 pricing options with different validity

Set course start date to give access to users from a specific date

If the course start date is set then users can access the course content from that date.

For example here the course start date is 1st June 2021

The users will be able to access the course content from 1st June.

You can set the course start date while creating a new pricing option or you can add it later.

Edit validity, name and course start date for pricing option

To edit the validity of a pricing option, first click show next to it

Now click Edit variant

Here you can change the validity, name and course start date of the pricing option.

Please note that the new validity and course start date will not apply to already enrolled users.

Edit price for a specific country

To change the price for a specific country, click Show

Click Edit price button for the country which you want to change price

Here you can change price and Update it

Add courses to collections

While adding a course to a collection, we need to select which pricing option of the course we are adding to the collection

Let’s add the course Detusch for beginners to a collection called German in 2 months. We already have multiple pricing options for this course.

Add courses to collection

When the course list opens up, we see all the available pricing options for the course to be added

Create coupon code for all or one pricing options of a course/collection

First choose course/collection for which you want to create coupon code

Once you select the course/collection, you can create the coupon for “All prices” which means coupon code will apply to all pricing options, or for one of the pricing options

Enroll user manually

Select pricing option while enrolling user manually so user will get validity according to the selected pricing option

You can choose an amount for the manual enrollment order, or you can set it to “Free”. The amount you select here will be recorded for this order

Sort multiple pricing

Use the sort buttons to rearrange the order in which pricing options appear on your dashboard

The order in which the pricing is arranged here

Is the order which users will see while buying the course:

The first pricing option in the list is “1 month access” ($35.99).

That’s the price which will appear on the course/collection card

Update validity or course start date for specific user

Update validity

There are three ways to update validity for an enrolled user

  1. From user’s profile

  2. From enrollment details page

  3. From course/collection editor ➜ Users

From user’s profile

Find the user for whom you wish to update the validity

Go to their profile

Here you will find the option to update validity

The user’s current validity is “Lifetime”. Let’s say you wish to update it to 6 months. Set the validity accordingly and update it.

From enrollment details page

From course/collection editor ➜ Users

Update course start date

There are two ways to update course start date for an enrolled user

  1. From enrollment details page

  2. From course/collection editor ➜ Users

From enrollment details page

Find the user for whom you wish to update the course start date

Go to their profile

Click ‘Show enrollment’ next to the course for which you want to add or update the course date

Now click Set a custom start date

Enter the start date

From course/collection editor ➜ Users

Alternatively, open the ‘Users’ tab of the course and update course start date of the user

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