Today we're exploring an exciting feature -
Live classes on Teachmore!

With live classes you can create a virtual classroom anytime. Whether you wish to teach something new in a live setup or conduct a Q n A session with your users, live classes have got your back!

Step one is to select a course through which you wish to conduct the live class. Head over to 'Courses' on your Teachmore dashboard and select a course

Now add a live video item to one of the sections in your course

Once the live video item is created, add the details

Title and Description


Message before video starts (optional)

Message after video ends (optional)


Save settings and approve the live video item

You can go live straightaway, or click done and open the live video item later to start the live session

Once the live session starts

The first step is to join audio using Microphone or join with the Listen only mode

Please note: It is essential to grant permission to use the Microphone because without that your users won't be able to hear anything.

Users too, will be asked to grant permission for microphone or they can choose to "Listen only"

This is where you see your users list

Manage Users

Based on your requirement there are different settings you can apply to get the best out of a live class

Let's look at each one of these settings in detail

Clear all status icons

A status icon is set by users to display their status during the live class. For example a user might set their status icon as 'raised hand' if they wish to ask a question

By selecting the 'clear all status icon' you can reset the icons for all users

Mute all users - Mutes all users including the presenter

Mute all users except presenters - Mutes all users except the presenter

Save user names - Export a .txt file containing names of all users present in the live video at the time

Lock Viewers
Under the 'lock viewers' option you can restrict users from using specific features

Set the status of a particular feature as 'locked' if you wish to restrict users from using it. For example, here we have restricted users from sharing webcam, and sending private chat messages.

Apply the settings you have selected

Some more ways in which you can manage users in the live class

Click on a user's name to see how you can interact with them or manage how they participate in the live class

For every user you can do the following:

Start a private chat with them
Make them the presenter for the live class

Promote them to moderater/demote them to viewer

Remove them from the class

Breakout rooms

Breakout rooms allow you to split up your live session into different groups of users in different rooms

Select the number of rooms as well as the duration for which you want to create breakout rooms

Drag and drop users to assign them a specific breakout room

The users will see a message asking them to join the breakout room they have been assigned

You can choose to end all breakout rooms anytime

Write closed captions

Your users will see the closed captions as you write them

To turn off closed captions click the closed captions button again

Screen Recording:

To start recording click the Start recording button on top of your screen

White Board

To access the white board, click on the presentation button on the bottom right corner

Once the board opens up you can select a tool of your choice and write or draw on it

You can add upto 10 slides to your presentation

Public Chat

That's where everyone can share their thoughts, ideas and questions!

There's a lot more you can do during a live video:

Start a poll

Upload a presentation

Share an external video

That's everything you can do in a live class!

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