Categories are like maps for your users! They make it easier for users to find their desired course or collection.

Note: Every course and collection on Teachmore needs a category. Without that it cannot be published.

What is a category?

A category refers to the subject or theme to which a course or collection belongs. For example, for an Academy that has science courses would have categories such as Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Categories can be found under Settings on the Teachmore dashboard:

Here you can see the existing categories of your Academy. To create a new category click the 'New Category' button

To create the category, fill out the details - these can be changed by editing the category anytime.

Fill in the details and create the category

A few factors to consider about Categories

Hidden Category:

You can mark a category as hidden if you don't want the users to see it.

Simply untick the hidden box anytime to unhide the category

Coming Soon:
Mark a category as 'Coming Soon' if you wish to give the users a glimpse of what's coming up and assign courses to it later

Parent Category
A parent category refers to a category that has another category under it. For example, the category "Science" can be a parent of "Physics".

To assign a parent category click on the Parent field. This will open up a dropdown containing a list of the existing categories of your Academy. Now you can assign one of these as a Parent of the category you are creating, in our case, Physics.

If you don't wish to assign a parent category, simply leave the parent field blank.

Once that is done, click the create button. There you have it, a brand new category for your courses!

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