Mailchimp - the all-in-one marketing platform that provides powerful data analysis and lets you interact better with your users!

Let's learn how to integrate Mailchimp into your Teachmore Academy.

First, let's head over to Integrations under Settings.

Select Mailchimp.

Now let's Connect with Mailchimp. Note that to enable Mailchimp for your Academy, you need to connect your Mailchimp account and select a Mailchimp list to automatically add new users to the list. In case you don't have a Mailchimp account yet, create one here.

Once you have a Mailchimp account, connect with Mailchimp.

Now you'll be asked to enter the credentials for your Mailchimp account.

Once you log in, you'll see the following message. Click Allow.

Awesome. Your Mailchimp account is connected. Now it's time to Choose a list

Select your desired list and click update.
Note: If you're using Mailchimp's free plan, you get a default list. In case you're on the Pro plan, you can create multiple lists and select from that.

Now simply click enable on the top right corner and you're good to go!

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