With Drift, you can create a more personalized website experience for your users!

If you don't have a Drift account yet, create one here.

Drift Integration can be found under Settings ---> Integrations on the Teachmore dashboard

To proceed with Drift Integration you'll need to enter a drift ID

This can be found from your Drift dashboard. Learn more here.

Scroll down to 'Settings' your Drift Dashboard,

Go to Drift Widget --> Install

Now select JAva

Find the line that indicates drift.load('123xxx456')

The number in the parentheses is your Drift ID.

Paste this Drift ID on your Teachmore dashboard under Settings --> Integrations --> Drift

Enter the ID and update it.

Now enable Drift for your Academy.

On successfully enabling Drift, you'll see a message:

 And there you have it - Drift on your site!

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