Setting up an Android application - sounds heavy! Well, it doesn't have to be - this article will make it a cakewalk.

Let's begin!

The first step is to sign in to Google Play Console.

Here you will see a list of your existing apps.

To start the process of submitting a new app, click the Create app button on the All apps screen.

App details

App name:
This is the name which will appear on Google Play - be sure to keep it as crisp as possible, and avoid any price, rank, symbols or emojis.

Default language:
Choose a default language for your app from the languages available

App or Game
Select if you are submitting an app or a game - this can be changed later

Free or paid

Mark your app as free or paid.

Note: You can edit this until you publish your app. Once you’ve published, you can’t change a free app to paid. Learn more here.

Scroll down to Declarations
These include Developer Program Policies and US export laws.

Read the declarations carefully and agree to them. Now click Create app

Once you create the app, the dashboard opens up. Soon we'll take a closer look at the steps involved in the Initial setup on the dashboard. For now, let's move on to "Production" under Releases on the side menu.

Select 'Production' under Releases. Now click Create new release


It's now time to upload the AAB file

Scroll down to Release details and fill them out. These include the following:

Release name*

This describes the version of your app. This is so you can identify this particular release of your app, and isn't shown to users on Google Play.

Review release

At this stage you might see some errors, warnings and messages. This is just because we haven't completed all steps yet.

Now go back to the Dashboard
It's now time to complete the First steps under Initial setup

Step 1: Set privacy policy

Enter the link to the Privacy Policy.

Enter the privacy policy

This can be found at the bottom of your website

Save the privacy policy

Go back to the dashboard. Set privacy policy should appear as completed now.

Step 2: App access

Click on + Add new instructions

These instructions allow Google to review your app.

Important: Make sure the credentials entered here are valid, as Google will use these to sign in to your app.

Click apply once you add the instructions

App access should appear as completed on the dashboard

Step 3: Ads

Select yes or no depending on whether your app contains ads

Save changes

Ads should appear as completed on the dashboard

Step 4: Content rating

Start questionnaire

Enter your email address

Enter an email address and select a category for your app.

Complete the questionnaire

Save the questionnaire once you complete it

Content rating should appear as completed on the dashboard

Step 5: Target audience

Select the target age group for your app

Read the Policy requirements summary carefully

Save changes

Target audience should appear as completed on dashboard

First steps are now done!
Let's move on to Manage how your app is organized and presented

Select an app category and provide contact details

Select whether you are submitting an app or a game, and assign a relevant category to it

Also assign relevant tags to your app. These help the users understand what your app is all about.

Store Listing Details

Fill out the details and save them

Select an app category and provide contact details should appear as completed now

Set up your store listing

Phone screenshots *

Save your changes

Initial Setup is now complete and should not appear on the dashboard.

Publish your app on Google Play

Select countries and regions

Select the countries/regions where you wish to make your app available

Select countries and regions should appear as completed now

Almost there!! The elements needed to submit your app are added. Now the only thing left is to review and roll out the release.

Review and roll out the release

Review release

Once again, you might see the errors, warnings and messages part. You can safely ignore it.

Click Start rollout to Production

Once the app has been submitted you will see a "Being reviewed" message.

How to know when your app is active.

Once the status of your app changes from "Being reviewed" to ''active'' on Google Play console, this means your app is now active! Usually it takes anywhere from 5 - 10 days for it to be approved.

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