Facebook Pixel lets you measure, optimise and build audiences for your advertising campaigns. You can get rich insights about how people use your academy website and mobile apps from your Facebook pixel dashboard.

You can learn more about Facebook Pixel by visiting the official page.


Before you proceed, make sure you have an active Facebook Ads account in Facebook Ads Manager. You need to create a new Facebook Pixel in the Facebook Ads Manager. Facebook will provide you a Facebook Pixel ID for the newly created Facebook Pixel. Once you have the Pixel ID, you are ready to enable Facebook Pixel for your academy.

Enable Pixel tracking for your academy

Facebook Pixel Integration can be accessed under 'Settings' -> 'Integrations' from your academy dashboard.

Under Integrations, select Facebook Pixel

Enter the Facebook Pixel ID you generated from Facebook Ads Manager and click update.


Now enable Facebook Pixel Integration by clicking the blue 'enable' button

Verify Pixel Integration

Facebook provides a chrome extension 'Facebook Pixel Helper' to help you validate your pixel implementation. Facebook Pixel Helper will show a number indicating the events tracked by Pixel. Clicking on the Pixel button will show details of the events being tracked.

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