We have introduced support for WhatsApp Chat Integration on the Teachmore Dashboard.

This allows app owners to answer user queries in no time! 

Integrations can be accessed under Settings.

Under Integrations select WhatsApp

The next step is to enable the WhatsApp Chat for your academy. Before you can enable it, you need to add at least one contact to the list:

Click New Contact

While adding the contact, you will be asked to fill out some details includiing the contact's profile image.

Title - Name of the teacher that users will chat with.

Subtitle - This can be used to describe details - which subject does this tutor teach, when are they available online, and anything else you want to display next to the contact's name.

Position - This will be the position of your contact if you have added multiple contacts. For example if you have 3 WhatsApp contacts and enter '1' as the position, then that particular contact will appear first in the list of contacts.

Mobile Number - Select your country and enter mobile number

Hidden Contact:
A contact can also be hidden. If you hide a contact, it will still be a part of the contact list, but will be invisible to the users till you unhide it.

Now that the contact has been added, click create.

It's now time to enable WhatsApp Integration:

Once this is enabled, your users will see the Chat icon on the app once they log in.

The users simply have to click the WhatsApp icon, and a chat will open up where they can ask you their doubts.

Here's how users will be able to see the list of added contacts and chat with any of them. Here they can ask you doubts regarding quiz questions, or get help while selecting the right course for them.

This way, you can solve user queries anytime! 

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