Reports give you detailed insights into courses, collections, orders, quizzes, users and devices

Course reports show the following information:



Being updated about orders is a crucial part of teaching online

Let's explore the Orders report

First we see a visual representation of total successful orders

Successful Orders Payment Gateway Distribution -

This shows (in percentage) the successful orders of your academy based on which payment gateway the users ordered through.

Successful Orders Order Type Distribution
The distribution of successful orders based on their different types in percentage

Successful Orders Platform Distribution

A distribution of successful orders in percentage based on the platform on which the transaction was done (iOS, Web, Android)

Quiz Reports:

There's so much you can do with Quiz reports!

These reports provide insights into how users are performing for specific questions. So tutors can easily understand whether users find a question easy or difficult.

Along with this, it's also possible to see how many users attempted a quiz and how they performed.

Click the show button next to a quiz to see its report.

Under questions you see a report of

Clicking on all attempts also shows you


With user reports, you can effortlessly track number of new users per month - all you have to do is check the graph showing number of new users! 

User reports also make it possible to get sign up platform statistics - this means you can see the percentage of users who signed up across all available platforms (Web, Android and iOS)

Not just that, these reports are also useful when it comes to location statistics - when you wish to see a representation of where your users are located!


Devices report helps you identify users who have shared their login with others - to get a report of users with more than a certain number of devices, enter the number - for example here we get a report of users who are using more than 3 devices, and also the exact number of devices they are using.


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