Reports give you detailed insights on quizzes, users and orders.



With user reports, you can effortlessly track number of new users per month - all you have to do is check the graph showing number of new users! 

User reports also make it possible to get sign up platform statistics - this means you can see the percentage of users who signed up across all available platforms (Web, Android and iOS)

Not just that, these reports are also useful when it comes to location statistics - when you wish to see a representation of where your users are located!

Successful orders:

The Orders Report provides a variety of information about orders - 

  • Number of successful orders per month
  • A report of payment gateways used for successful orders (Paytm, Razorpay, and others)
  • Order types of successful orders - for example, how many purchases were made through payment gateways, manual enrollment or other order types
  • Platforms used for successful orders (Web, Android and iOS) in terms of percentage of users

Quiz Reports:

There's so much you can do with Quiz reports!

These reports present visual representations that show how users are performing for specific questions. So tutors can easily understand whether users find a question easy or difficult.

Along with this, it's also possible to see how many users attempted a quiz and how they performed.


Review a particular user's performance and help them do better.


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