With coupon codes, you can sell courses and collections at discounted rates, and even allow students to access them for free. On Teachmore, you can use two types of coupon codes - Prepaid codes and Discount codes. This article goes over these two types, and how you can apply them to courses and collections.

Coupons can be found under 'Marketing' on the sidebar.

The first step is to generate the code. Let's see how that works:

Click the New Coupon button on the top right corner.

Select whether you wish to generate coupon code for a course, a collection or a common code (any) which can be used for both

Based on what you select, you will see a list of all courses or collections of your Academy. Now select the specific course or collection for which you want to generate the code.

3. Choose coupon code type.

Once you decide the coupon code type (Prepaid or Discount), you can generate a single code or multiple codes, based on your requirement. If you opt for a single code, then you can enter it manually. Multiple codes are auto-generated.

Let's understand each of these coupon code types better:

Prepaid Coupon Codes:

With prepaid coupon codes students can access a course for free.

The steps to generate prepaid coupon codes:

1. Under coupon code type, choose Prepaid.

2. Select the number of codes that you would like to generate.


If you opt for a single code, you can choose to call it anything (NEWYEAR, 50OFF, or anything else you like)

Along with setting the coupon code name, a few more things need to be taken care of:

Discount percentage:
Prepaid codes can also be sold at a discounted price. To do that, enter the discount percentage.
Please note that even if you do not wish to provide a discount, it is mandatory to enter '0' as the discount percentage. 

Number of times the code can be used: Set the number of times a user can use each code. Let's say I set this number as '5'. Then the generated Prepaid code can be used 5 times before it becomes invalid.

Expiry date:

Setting an expiry date lets you decide how long the code will be valid for. For example, if a code expires on 31st Dec 2019, then it cannot be used after that date.

Please note that setting expiry date is optional.

Once the details are set, you can see a summary of your selections before you generate the code.


Multiple prepaid codes:

To generate more than one prepaid code, follow the steps for generating Prepaid code; instead of single, select 'Multiple'.

Once that is done, fill out details similar to Prepaid code:

That's really how simple it is to generate coupon codes!

Once you share a code with your users, they can go and apply it at the time of enrollment, instead of proceeding to pay.  

That was about Prepaid Codes. Let's also look at how discount codes function.

 Discount Codes

These are used to give provide a discount on the course.

1. Under coupon code type, choose Discount.

2. Select the number of codes that you would like to generate.  


On opting for a single coupon code, you have to enter some additional details -

Once these details are set, you can see a summary and generate the code.


Excel sheet:

You can also download an excel sheet for keeping record of the coupon codes generated. This applies to both - Prepaid and Discount codes. This can be done after the code is generated:

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