You can add different types of items including videos, images, text, PDFs, quizzes and questions to your course. To know more about check out the article on types of items.

First head over to courses under Content on the dashboard

Now select the course you want to add content to.
No courses yet? Learn how to create one here.

Once you have selected a course, you can create a new section in the course, or add content to an existing section. 

Adding content to a new section

Name the new section, add a description (optional) and click on Add new section

Adding content to an existing section
Once a section is created and you wish to add content to it, click the 'Add new item' button and select the type of item you wish to add to the section.

The best part? You can move items from one section to another anytime, and also rearrange sections if you wish. So don't worry about the structure being right when you create the course!

Supported Content Types for different items: 

Private Videos

.mp4 or .mov


.png or .jpg

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