On Teachmore you can add different types of items to a course. These include text, PDF, Images, Image Gallery, Youtube Videos, Private Videos, Questions, and Quizzes. This way, you can transform your study material into an interactive course that students enjoy. You can rearrange items within a section, and across sections anytime you like.

Items are the pieces of content that make up a section.   

Let's explore each one of these items, and how they help your students get the best out of a course.


Text items are great for writing an Index or an Introduction to the course or for summarizing the content of your course.


PDFs come in handy when you want to provide notes to your students. These can be downloaded and printed for later use. 


It's always great to have images in a course! They make it easier for students to remember concepts.

Image Gallery:

An image gallery is a collection of images that proves useful when you want to add multiple images at once.  

Youtube Video:

You can embed any video from Youtube into the course! Now your students can play, pause, repeat and learn!

Private Video:

Upload videos from your computer to the course. This way, you can upload any content that you have created for your students to learn.


 Include questions in your course to do check whether the students have understood what was previously taught, or even just to check if students are familiar with a topic.


Quizzes are effective tools that help students put their knowledge to test, while having fun. It's just like playing a game and learning in the process. On Teachmore you can add two types of quizzes to your course:

Practice Quiz:

These help you learn one question at a time, and the answer is revealed as soon as the student attempts the question. 

Assessment Quiz:

In an Assessment Quiz the students can complete the entire quiz, and then check the answers at the end - so as the name suggests, it's a way of assessing their knowledge. 

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