Once you've added courses to your collection it's ready to be published. Publishing a collection means making it available for students to purchase through your website and mobile apps. 

Note that until a collection is published, students cannot view or purchase it. 

In order to publish a collection, there is a list of elements that need to be complete.

Let's learn what the checklist for publishing the collection includes, and how to add those elements. All these can be found under the editor tab of our collection:

Short and Full Descriptions

These descriptions provide information about how many and which courses a collection contains, and can also contain in-depth explanations of what the topics covered across these courses.

Language and Category

Select a language for your collection, and assign a category to it.
Learn more about how to create and set categories.

Next comes the cover image. Choose a nice image which goes with the theme of your collection and upload it from your computer. 

After the cover image, there is an option for adding a promo video for your collection. This is usually a short video summarizing what the collection has to offer.

Please note that adding a promo video is optional. 

A promo video can be a private video (uploaded from your computer), a Youtube video or a vimeo video.

Now let's set a price for the collection. Pricing can be found below the promo video

Once you click the set price button, it opens up a window where you can set the price for Android, iOS and Web (depending on what applies to your Academy).

Set the prices and click the done button. Don't worry, you can change or remove the prices for your collection anytime.


Validity determines the duration for which your users can access the collection. By default the validity of every collection is set to "Lifetime Access"

Know more about course and collection validity here.

Awesome! Now our collection has all the required elements.
You can view this in the publishing checklist under the Review and Publish tab.

Scroll down, and you'll see a message that you're ready to publish the collection (awesome, right?)

That's it! Hit the blue publish button and you're ready to go. Once the collection is published, you'll see a message saying that it's published, and the status of the collection will also be seen as "published".

Note: Before a collection can be published, it needs to have at least one published course.

Learn how to publish a course here.

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